Mens Tanning | Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Ok, so most guy’s idea of getting a bronzed glow involves lying on the beach sipping a cool beer, but research by the people who know (Mintel) shows that almost one third of guys in the 16- 24 age group have tried self tanning products. Mens tanning is on the increase.

Once they do try self tanning they love the way it gives them an even bronzed look all year round and how their skin feels more hydrated and smooth.

  • Eyes appear brighter
  • Teeth look whiter
  • Body looks more contoured.
  • …well you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Healthier looking and gorgeous

That’s the thing about mens tanning – guys love how they can look like they just got back from a beach holiday no matter what the weather is like at home. Plus these days, men are more aware of the dangers of sunbathing when it can be excessive and lead to uneven pigmentation or skin cancer.

So whatever the reason, here are a few top tips for men to get the best out of using self tanning products.

  • Try to shave or trim that beard 24 hours before self tanning – especially if your skin is sensitive
  • Use an exfoliator/buffer on face and body to remove dead skin cells
  • Pay particular attention to dry skin areas.
  • Moisturise your hands, elbows, knees and feet
  • Make sure you have dried properly (everywhere, including hair anywhere)

Protect nails, hairline and eyebrows by using a barrier cream

  • Barrier Cream helps stop these areas from absorbing tan

Choose a self tanning product that suits your skin

  • Mousse and spray products work best on skin with body hair
  • Lightly blot any excess from hairy areas
  • Better to start light and build up to the developed colour you want.
  • Don’t get wet until tan is fully developed
  • Moisturise to keep that skin hydrated and that tan looking great

Almost all regular tanning products can be used on both and women, although fragrance can be an issue. Thats partly why the Solspa Tanning Solution range is fragrance free πŸ™‚ we want to appeal to both sexes.

And for anyone who prefers a fragrance, we have a selection of spray tan fragrance drops available.

If you are looking for the best mens facial tanning cream, check out Watson & Brookes Mens Facial Moisturising Cream – a huge hit on Amazon and now available buy directly from Solspa

Whatever you choose to use, get used to looking ….gorgeous πŸ™‚

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