Our Story

Sunless Tanning & Professional Spray Tan experts for over 25 years.

We are not just another tanning brand… we are the industry experts.

The Solspa tanning collection is brought to you by experts in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry. Specialist knowledge and expertise, coupled with a dedication to using the finest ingredients has created premium quality tanning products. Solspa is the Professional’s choice in top class salons and luxury spas all over the world.

  • Best Selling Spray Tan Solutions
  • Created by the ORIGINAL manufacturers of sunless tanning solutions.
  • Genuine tanning solution manufactured in the UK by Solspa Tanning to strict quality standards.
  • Comply with EU regulations.
  • Used in more than 1000 UK beauty salons… and growing.
  • We are the recognised industry experts.

The Solspa Tanning range has been specially formulated by UK skincare experts.

Why is this important?

With so many tanning products available to buy online these days, you could be fooled into thinking that buying cheaper is better value – but did you know that many tanning products are produced in countries that don’t manufacture to the same high levels of quality that we do in the United Kingdom?

Solspa Tanning products are manufactured in the UK under strict ISO 9001:2015 quality controls. This means that you are buying a product that has been safety tested, quality checked at every step and registered with the EU Cosmetic Portal. These processes are expensive, but when it comes to our products, we won’t settle for anything less than perfect and legal. We wouldn’t risk putting a cheap poorly made tanning product anywhere near us, or your clients and neither should you!

And best of all, you are buying from a British manufacturer.

Solspa is a registered trademark.